Saturday, March 17, 2018

How China Is Ruled By Communist Dictators

Seven men tightly controlling 1.4 billion Chinese.
The Chinese Communist Party has ruled the country since 1949, tolerating no opposition and often dealing brutally with dissent. The country's most senior decision-making body is the standing committee of the politburo, heading a pyramid of power which tops every village and workplace.

Politburo members have never faced competitive election, making it to the top thanks to their patrons, abilities and survival instincts in a political culture where saying the wrong thing can lead to a life under house-arrest, or worse.

Formally, their power stems from their positions in the politburo. But in China, personal relations count much more than job titles. A leader's influence rests on the loyalties he or she builds with superiors and proteges, often over decades. That was how Deng Xiaoping remained paramount leader long after resigning all official posts, and it explains why party elders sometimes play a key role in big decisions.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Xi Jinping Will Rule China For Life As Chairman Xi

Chairman Xi will rule China for life.
BEIJING (AP) — Xi Jinping, already China’s most powerful leader in more than a generation, received a vastly expanded mandate as lawmakers Sunday abolished presidential term limits that had been in place for more than 35 years and wrote his political philosophy into the country’s constitution.

In one swift vote, the rubber-stamp legislature opened up the possibility of Xi being president for life, returning China to the one-man-rule system that prevailed during the era of Mao Zedong and the emperors who preceded him.

The package of constitutional amendments passed the nearly 3,000-member National People’s Congress almost unanimously, with just two opposing votes and three abstentions. The vote further underscored the total domination of Chinese politics by the 64-year-old Xi, who is simultaneously the head of state, leader of the ruling Communist Party and commander of the 1 million-member armed forces.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Trump Fighting China Acting Like 1930s Nazi Germany

Trade War to avoid a Real War?
Michael Pillsbury, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute and author of The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower, described the Trump Administration’s implementation of tariffs on aluminum and steel imports as insufficient measures towards curbing China’s goal of displacing U.S. geopolitical global dominance.

Tariffs on aluminum and steel imports from China should be part of a broader strategy towards restraining China’s hostile geopolitical ambitions, suggested Pillsbury. “It’s pretty widely believed that the tariffs won’t change China’s overall predatory economic policies,” said Pillsbury.

“What I try to expose in one of the chapters in The Hundred-Year Marathon is how China built the kind of policy machine it has today with its economy, and they’re deeply committed to a set of economic policies that involves subsidizing large companies that they call the national champions. These companies as recently as fifteen years ago, none of them on the top 500 companies in the world list. Now 100 of them are.”

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Who The Hell Is George Soros The Open Borders Evil

Who is George Soros and What you need to know about the man who loves open borders, migration and anarchy?

György Schwartz, better known by his later name George Soros, is a Hungarian-born, Jewish-American billionaire, hedge fund manager, convicted felon and open-borders globalist. He has been described as “the single most destructive leftist demagogue in the world.” Others have characterized him as the world’s preeminent “malignant messianic narcissist.”

He was born in Budapest on August 12, 1930, to wealthy, well-educated parents Tivadar and Elizabeth Schwartz. Sometime during the 1930s, when George and his older brother Paul were still young, the Schwartzes changed their family name to Soros in order to better assimilate into the Hungarian gentile population, as anti-Semitism unremittingly spread throughout the European continent.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sweden On Suicide Watch: Were Vikings No History?

The history of Sweden stretches back over thousands of years. From petroglyphs dated at 5000 BC, through the Vikings and all the way to modern times, Sweden has woven a rich thread of history and culture through the ages.

During that time there have been many changes, but the biggest change of all is happening right now: the long history of Sweden is coming to an end. The Swedish parliament began the process when it unanimously voted to transform Sweden into a multicultural society and opened the floodgates to mass immigration, but the death blow was delivered by the Swedish government in 1998.

In that year a government motion was passed which abolished Swedish history. According to Regeringens Proposition 1997/98:16, p23:

“A country’s history often works as a connecting link between people. Because a large group of people have their origins in another country the Swedish people do not have a common history. A sense of belonging in contemporary Sweden and affirmation of societies fundamental values therefore has greater importance for integration than a common historical origin”

Thursday, February 22, 2018

British Foreign Office Forces Hijab On Female Staff

The British Foreign Office (FCO) is facing a backlash after inviting staff to wear Islamic headscarves for the day in an event to mark World Hijab Day. Officials claimed the headscarves symbolised "liberation, respect and security".

The walk-in event, during which taxpayer-funded headscarves were given away, was criticised as being supportive of the "institutional oppression of women". The event took place as women in Iran burned their headscarves in protest to ultra-conservative laws that forces them to wear them or face punishment.

Maajid Nawaz, who leads the counter-extremism think-tank the Quilliam Foundation, criticised the FCO for "supporting World Hijab Day and the institutional oppression of women through modesty culture, while brave Iranian women risk all to remove the hijab tyranny".

England Has Fallen: Ban Hijab & You’ll Be Fucked

A British Sick:She dare to ban Hijab.
(And she got fucked by Radical Muslims)
Unmasked: Extremists who bullied an inspiring primary school headteacher into reversing a ban on hijabs in the classrooms.

It’s a philosophy which has turned St Stephen’s in Newham, East London, into one of the best primary schools in Britain. At seven, pupils at St Stephen’s, which tops national league tables, know all their times tables. By ten, they have routinely finished the national curriculum a year early. At 11, SATs results prove they are the best in England at reading, spelling and maths.

Such achievements are all the more remarkable because St Stephen’s is in one of the poorest parts of London, where most youngsters have English as a second language. The school was judged ‘outstanding’ in the most recent Ofsted report.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Exodus Of Starving Venezuelans Into Colombia

Crowd of starving Venezuelans waiting at Colombia border.
Venezuela's Deepening Crisis Triggers Mass Migration Into Colombia: Venezuela's downward economic spiral has led to widespread food shortages, hyperinflation and now mass migration. Many Venezuelans are opting for the easiest escape route — by crossing the land border into Colombia.

There were more than half a million Venezuelans in Colombia as of December, according to the Colombian immigration department, and many came over in the last two years. Their exodus rivals the number of Syrians in Germany or Rohingya in Bangladesh. Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group, a political risk consulting firm, calls it the world's "least-talked-about" immigration crisis.

But Colombians are taking notice. In fact, President Juan Manuel Santos is asking for international aid to cope with the large numbers of immigrants, many of whom are impoverished, hungry and desperate. "I appreciate the offers of financial and other aid from the international community," Santos said last week. "We need it because unfortunately this problem gets worse day by day."

Monday, February 19, 2018

Girls Forced To Wear Hijab In 150+ UK Schools

UK or Afghanistan or Pakistan?
Compulsory Hijab Rampant in UK Schools: More than 150 schools in the UK require girls to wear hijabs, including schools that receive government funding.

Recent controversies surrounding the requirement include a school which required girls to wear face veils when outside and another school that banned girls under the age of eight from wearing hijabs only to have to renege on the policy after experiencing enormous (and abusive) backlash from parents.

According to the head of the UK governmental agency Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education), Amanda Spielman, “Ofsted inspectors are increasingly brought into contact with those who want to actively pervert the purpose of education. Under the pretext of religious belief, they use education institutions, legal and illegal, to narrow young people’s horizons, to isolate and segregate, and in the worst cases to indoctrinate impressionable minds with extremist ideology.